CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message

My biggest inspiration has been Dubai itself, and the vision and trust of its ruler. This dynamic city is a great hub for innumerable opportunities, especially real estate. I also truly believe that ‘Change is Life’.

-Pawan Batavia, CEO of Synergy Properties

Mr Pawan Batavia, CEO Synergy Properties is a qualified engineer from India and believes that focus and determination are key factors to success, which led to the birth of the Dubai-based Synergy Properties in 2008.

In 2004, he started out as a real estate broker, since then he has earned a reputation for building and maintaining relationships with its esteemed clientele as well as prestigious developers in UAE and across the globe.

Today under his leadership, Synergy Properties has expanded its wings with offices in Dubai, Mumbai, & London by adapting the latest in the field, innovative thinking, great business ethics and full focus on its clients.

The CEO owes this perseverance to innovative thinking, business ethics and focus on clients, as they are key virtues in order to survive in today’s dynamic world. Pawan quotes, “At my organisation, we highly emphasise on after sales service and open and fair approach towards one’s clients,”. He advises budding entrepreneurs to work hard, question, acquire knowledge, carry a positive attitude and respect towards clients. It is also essential to be able to predict what’s next and have the flexibility to evolve.
Speaking about the future, Mr Batavia looks forward to hiring more confident hardworking staff and develop the organisation in different territories.